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A Critical Step in SEM: Keyword Research

A Critical Step in SEM: Keyword Research Whether your business’ search engine marketing (SEM) goals are to increase your organic search or paid search, knowing what phrases people are putting in search engines to find you is a critical piece of the puzzle. These search phrases are known as keywords. So if a customer finds your […]

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How Much to Spend on Your Google AdWords Budget

How Much to Spend on Your Google AdWords Budget Whenever Everest takes on a new Digital Marketing client, one of their first questions is almost always regarding how much to spend on their pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements. The answer, like many things in business, is: it depends. However, before delving into the tactics used to create an appropriate budget, […]

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Setting Up A Google AdWords Account

Setting Up A Google AdWords Account So you’ve done your research on AdWords and you want to move forward with making your own campaign for your business. Your first step will be to create an AdWords account. Head to the main AdWords site and click “Start Now.” Once you’ve entered your business’ website and email, you […]

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What is Google AdWords?

What is Google AdWords? Whenever a business talks about their digital marketing strategy, often a large portion of that is composed of Google AdWords. In fact, a staggering 96% of Google’s revenue in 2011 came from AdWords. That’s no surprise when companies like Amazon, Lowes, and Home Depot each spent over $50 million in advertising with them that year […]

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Evaluate Your Website

How To Ensure Your Site Is Reaching Its Potential Have you evaluated your website lately? You could be completely oblivious to areas where your site is bleeding profits. Accurately gauging its performance is the only way to ensure you are getting what you want out of your website. But there are many factors and metrics […]

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4 Online Marketing Tips

4 Steps to Get Your Business into Better Shape Here are 4 tips to help you look your best online year-round. 1. Make regular updates to your website. Don’t let your online content go stale. Keep revising and updating your site so that you are more desirable by search engines and customers. These updates can […]

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Websites As Important Marketing Tools

How Your Website Can Take Your Marketing to the Next Level As of 2014, 81% of consumers will perform online research before they contact you about your services. So how will you use your website to your business advantage? A big trend for 2016 will be the refocusing of the website as the marketing automation […]

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Take your client education to the next level – Video Case Studies

The idea behind the new prospective students section of the Computer Science website is to tell the story of program alumni and how they are using their Computer Science education in the real world. Our challenge was to communicate that Computer Science is more than code on a computer screen, but has a part in saving […]

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Take Your Client Education to the Next Level with Whitepapers

A free, downloadable pamphlet is a great way to highlight your expertise and reinforce the brand that will be presented online. A whitepaper is a mid-length document that displays to clients and visitors that you are an authority on a particular subject. Typically, whitepapers are very detailed and thoroughly researched, providing the reader a wealth of information. […]

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Communicating to a luxury market

When communicating in a luxury market, high quality presentation is of utmost importance. Success in the luxury market hinges on creating a story and meaning behind all of your communications, weaving each message together into an overall narrative for your website. For this clientele, the little details matter, and often less can be more.   When designing for […]

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How to begin building a relationship with your client

A website is where customers go for a personal, intimate conversation with your brand. It is crucial to use design elements that set the proper tone for their experience, and to communicate the emotional value. People purchase from those they know, like and trust, and a successful website begins this relationship building process. In the words of Donald Thompson, […]

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Online Customer Service

Your company’s customer service does not start when the client picks up the phone or comes in the store, it starts when they visit your website. Your business’ online experience should be a reflection of your customer service. The homepage should provide a warm welcome, and the navigation should help the visitor quickly and easily […]

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