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Eye-catching packaging design that communicates quality.

You know what sets your products apart from the competition – but prospective clients don’t. Ideally, the simple fact that your products are of a higher quality should earn you more sales, but if you are competing on store shelves, beautiful packaging tends to come out on top.

Product Packing from Everest Agency will ensure your packaging is held to the same level of excellence as your products. Together, we will go through our discovery process to understand the product and what appeals to your target market. After, Everest Agency will provide you with design concepts that go through an iterative editing process based on your feedback. The end result is that when customers see your product on the shelf, it will be clear that you are the premium choice.

  1. Variable: Regardless of what form your products come in, we can deliver a design that matches perfectly.
  2. Communicates: Through our collaboration and spending time getting to know your business, story, and customer base, Everest Agency will design packaging that expresses who you are.
  3. Captivates: To compete with other products on the shelf, your packaging needs to be eye-catching. Through research into what appeals to your target market, we will incorporate elements that ensure your packaging will hold their attention.

While bright colors and flashy fonts can draw the eye, those elements would send a message of ‘juvenile’ or ‘tacky’ to customers. When 70% of all in-store purchases are impulse buys, your packaging needs to quickly communicate the care, quality, and excellence you place into every product.

Make sure customers know your product is unique. Contact us today to get started on your design.


  1. What is discussed during the discovery process?
    Everest Agency will collaborate with your team to understand the industry caveats, target audience and behavior, competitor branding and corporate mission and goals related to the product we will be designing packaging for. In addition product specifications will also be discussed such as size, and functionality requirements.
  2. What kinds of packages can Everest Agency design for?
    We can design for just about anything and have many creative concepts for unique packaging that is not standard, as well as specific printers that we trust to implement these creative packaging options.
  3. Will Everest Agency order the packaging?
    Many of our clients prefer we interface directly with the printers. We frequently provide this service for an additional service charge.
  4. How will I receive the final product?
    If we are not managing the printing process, we will provide the print files to you per the print specifications (dimensions, dielines, color requirements, etc.) provided to us. If there are not exact print specifications we deliver print files that are compliant with printing best practices. If we are managing the printing process we will have the items printed and delivered to Everest Agency first, to confirm quality.

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