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Custom WordPress Development

A custom, professional website you and your team can manage.

Consistently engaging and keeping up with your customers takes frequent updates to your website’s content. Ensuring your product listings are up to date, that new blog posts go up regularly, and managing new images and videos can all be difficult tasks if you are unfamiliar with how your site functions. You need a way for all of your team members to quickly and easily update your site without knowing the code behind it.

The answer lies in having your site built on a platform that does not require the administrator to have programming knowledge. Custom WordPress Development makes managing your business’ website simple and efficient. By using the world’s most popular and intuitive content management system, you and your staff will be able to easily update content, and quickly adapt to new marketing challenges.

  1. Manageable: With Custom WordPress Development, you will have full control of your website without the need for any coding skills.
  2. Intuitive: We will structure the management of your website specifically to your business needs, allowing content, function, and layout changes to be quick and intuitive.
  3. Functional: Implementing additional functionality to your website is easy with Custom WordPress Development. Everest Agency provides you with advanced features such as custom workflow functionality or enhanced security. For smaller tasks, using the world’s largest CMS gives you access to a community of users who have already developed plugins and add-ons you can implement.

Many of the world’s largest websites – whose businesses live and die by their content – trust WordPress to manage it all: Fortune, Best Buy, Variety, and Reuters all make updates, sell products, and push out new content on their Custom Developed WordPress sites.

Even websites that specialize in higher technology – such as TechCrunch, the Mozilla Blog, and Google Ventures – get all the functionality they need from WordPress.

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  1. Can my existing website be converted to WordPress?
    Yes, we can move any website to the WordPress platform.
  2. Will I be able to edit text and images on my site?
    Absolutely. Any area on your site can be made editable. Additionally, WordPress comes with a powerful built in media manager and editor.
  3. How do I keep WordPress up to date and secure for my customers?
    We offer WordPress Managed Hosting and Maintenance packages for this express purpose. Let us take care of the technical side for you.

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