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Marketing Collateral Design

Professionally designed business collateral that leaves a lasting impression.

Many business’ best efforts at creating compelling marketing collateral simply end up in the trash. Trying wildly different approaches to find something that works leaves you in danger of ending up with an inconsistent, confusing message to your customers.

Marketing Collateral Design from Everest Agency will provide your marketing campaigns with beautiful, clearly designed materials that your audience will want to read, and ensures they remember your name.

  1. Clear: Information needs to be displayed in a layout that encourages reading, and in a format that makes it easy to digest.
  2. Impactful: Your materials will be beautifully and purposefully designed to leave a long-lasting, positive impression with your audience.
  3. Consistent: Consistent messaging is the key to making your name stick in customers’ minds. We’ll work together to make sure you’re sending a professional, meaningful message across all of your collateral.

Avoid having your hard work end up in the trash. Investing in professionally done marketing collateral ensures your brand is shown prominently, and is accompanied by clean designs that lead customers’ eyes to your call to action.

“Everest Agency has outstanding graphic skills! Their work is fresh, fun and proficient — all at the same time. It communicates well and pleases the eye. Having Everest Agency design for my advertising, promotion, and packaging projects has enhanced my own professional output.”
-Barbara Foster, Avlon Industries

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  1. What kinds of Marketing Collateral do you provide?
    Almost anything you can think of. Most common items include business cards, trade show and conference materials such as brochures, flyers, and banners, sales sheets, postcards, and stationery. However we can also provide less conventional materials such as T-shirts, glassware, bags, scratch-off cards, mousepads, and much more.
  2. Can you help me decide what kinds of collateral are best for my campaign?
    We would be happy to help you decide what materials make the most sense for the purpose, industry, and your target market.
  3. Do you take care of ordering the collateral as well?   
    Many of our clients prefer we interface directly with the printers. We frequently provide this service for an additional service charge.
  4. How will I receive the finished products?
    We provide final files prepared for whatever medium and specifications are necessary. If you’re not sure, we’ll work with you to determine the specifications need for your project.


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