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You have a great idea for a way to engage your customers, streamline your service, and increase brand awareness and revenue: a mobile application. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to know where to start when there are so many factors that go into making an app. Before you even get to development, the layout, features, user experience, and design all need to be considered. With no guidance, the process can take a very long time and runs the risk of being out-dated before it even hits the market.


Application Development from Everest Agency will guide you through the next steps in your application’s creation. First, we will meet to go through our discovery process, identifying the real problem that your application solves for your users. Next, we outline the solution and the technical requirements needed to solve the problem. Finally, Everest Agency will design an effective user interface, then develop and launch your application.

  1. Expert Guidance: Together, we will go through a detailed discovery and planning process to ensure your application will achieve the business use case and goals.
  2. User-Focused: Your application will be expertly and purposefully designed to engage your users and encourage frequent use.
  3. Beautiful Design: Working with Everest Agency ensures your application not only has a functional layout, but also a beautiful design that appeals to your customer base, so they will want to come back to your app time after time.

When users were on their smartphones throughout 2014, 86% of that time was spent on mobile apps. A large proportion of that time was spent making purchases: in 2014 nearly half (42%) of the sales from the top 500 retailers came from mobile apps. So whether you are looking to increase engagement with customers via a social app, to create the next big hit in the marketplace, or boost sales with a retail app, mobile applications are a modern and worthy investment for your business.

“Everest knew my knowledge level. They were very good at seeing what I wanted from my application and communicating it back in a way I could understand.”
-Eric Shriver, Minitour Mentor

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  1. What is involved in the discovery process?
    When designing an application, it is important to understand an array of variables that will drive the user experience and keep the user engaged.

    Every application will have a different target user with different habits and behaviors. Every application will have different features that need to be understood to design and develop a functional application. Everest Agency will collaborate with your team to understand the industry caveats, target audience and behavior, competitor branding and application mission and goals.

  2. What is a reasonable timeline for my application to be developed?
    It depends. All applications have different functions and there is array of complexity that can be reached with application development. If you have a tight deadline, we’d be happy to talk you through the timeline for a minimum viable product (the most basic and priority features for your application), which we could launch as phase 1 and then could build in additional features to be released at a later date.
  3. When would I want a mobile app over just a responsive website?
    If a user would be utilizing the site/application frequently, it would be beneficial to provide an app so the user is not burdened with remembering and having to enter in their credentials every time they access the site/application. Mobile apps can also take advantage of features of the smartphone, such as the camera, contacts, notifications, etc. For instance, many banks have mobile apps for mobile deposit of checks, utilizing the camera to take pictures of checks and upload them automatically.

    Additionally, if you have a particularly complex and interactive website, sometimes simple responsive design will not give users an optimal experience. For instance, Amazon utilizes a mobile app because responsive design can’t translate their vast and interactive content to a mobile phone. A mobile app allowed them to create an optimal user experience without the hindrance of having to make it work with their existing site layout.

  4. What are some things I can do with a mobile application that I can’t with a responsive website?
    You would be able to save the credentials of the user, utilize features of the phone itself such as the camera or audio, as well as create a completely customized mobile layout and experience for your customers, without having to accommodate your current website structure.

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