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A beautiful website on any device.

Websites that fail to adapt to different screen sizes not only are ranked lower in major search engines, but frustrate customers trying to use your site on a mobile device, driving them straight to your competition in search of a better experience.

You believe and have invested in your brand. Make sure it is presented beautifully and completely through any user experience.

With Responsive Design from Everest Agency, your website will function beautifully across any device and provide the best possible experience for your clients and customers while they gather information on your services, engage with you app or purchase products – regardless of what device they’re using.

  1. Consistent: Our designs ensure a consistently intuitive experience for all users. Your site’s design will be congruent enough to be familiar to customers, yet flexible enough to display beautifully at any screen size.
  2. Easily Managed: We design with both you and your customers in mind. Our responsive development uses one codebase for all views, allowing you to manage content at one time for all device types.
  3. Searchable: A responsive site will perform better than a static site. Our responsive design is compliant with recent Google algorithm changes that remove non-responsive sites from your customer’s mobile searches.

Customers are using multiple devices to access your website, and the number who use mobile devices is going up, today 80% of your customers use smartphones to browse the internet, and 47% of them also regularly use iPads.

Those overlapping numbers mean your customers see your site from a range of devices. We will help you provide a consistent message and experience across all of them.

“Working with Bryan and his team is extremely easy. He listens very closely and delivers on all promises. We were blown away by the prototype site and wanted to implement it on the same day. I have recommend Everest Agency to many people and plan to use them for future projects.”
-LaTishia Lyles, Grifols

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  1. Is my site responsive?
    It’s easy to tell. Simply put your web domain here to find out:
  2. What is responsive design?
    Responsive design is a method of designing and developing websites so that they display optimally on any screen size – whether it’s your 27-inch iMac or a 4.3-inch Android smartphone. Typically elements such as button size, text display, and graphics all need to move and change as the screen size gets smaller and smaller. To see this in action, take a look at a website such as Empire Prototype’s on your desktop or laptop. Change the window size and look at how all of the page elements rearrange over time.
  3. Why do I need responsive design?
    More and more customers are viewing your website via mobile devices – over 80% of internet users access sites via their smartphones! Unfortunately, navigating a non-responsive site from a small screen is a frustrating experience. For instance, it is too easy to tap the wrong link due to tiny hyperlinks placed close together. Zooming in can solve this, but it is hassle and forces you to scroll horizontally, making it easy to lose your place. All in all, non-responsive sites make for a displeasing user experience.On top of a poor impression on customers, chances of them finding your site in searches in the first place is drastically reduced. Google’s algorithms heavily punish non-responsive sites in mobile searches, which can have drastic effects on your business when 80% of your potential clientele use mobile devices to find information.

    In general, non-responsive websites are frustrating to use, unprofessional, and make your business seem behind in the times.

  4. When is the best time to implement responsive design?
    The best time is during an initial website design or redesign project, as this allows the maximum amount of control over the various designs.
  5. Can you make my existing website responsive?
    Yes, most sites can be retrofitted with a responsive design. Give us a call at (919) 825-1301 and we will determine if your current site can be made responsive, and alternative solutions if it cannot.
  6. Should I consider a mobile specific site or mobile app instead?
    Depending on your business case, a native application or independent mobile site might be the way to go. There are some specific benefits to implementing a responsive site over a mobile site/app:

    1. Separate sites that need upkeep – it’s possible that databases could be synced, but codebases would be separate
    2. Cost of mobile app development – in general implementing a responsive site is less costly than a full mobile app or mobile site development

    We will look at your business and the problems you would like to solve with a mobile-friendly website and determine if a mobile web app would be a better fit. For the majority of clients, however, responsive design is a great solution.

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