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A personal IT team for your website.

When there is a broken element on your website, it needs to be fixed – fast. Any delay can tarnish your professional image to users, and cost you sales until the issue is resolved. But if your business does not have a dedicated IT team, who do you turn to? You can face frustrating and time-consuming communication issues with freelancers or external IT companies. As well, they often need more time to get around to your issue, and face the additional struggle of not being familiar with you or your site.

With Everest Agency Website Support and Maintenance, you will have an expert available to quickly resolve any issues with your site. You need no longer worry about who you will call on to solve problems, or whose recommendations you can trust if you want to change anything to your website. Everest Agency provides you with expert service and counsel on anything regarding your online presence.

  1. Quick Turnaround: Problems you run into will be resolved quickly and efficiently.
  2. Partnership: There is no wasting time wondering who to call or getting a budget approved to hire an outside source.
  3. Maintenance: We will prevent the majority of potential website issues from arising updates and maintenance work, so you will be less likely to be caught off-guard by software bugs or security risks.

Tens of thousands of websites are hacked by security exploits everyday. Often these vulnerabilities occur in WordPress-hosted sites that have not yet updated to the latest version of WordPress – updates that can occur every few months.

Ensuring that your data is backed up, your website is up-to-date, and none of your plugins or features are broken greatly reduces your risk, and saves you hours of time and hassle every month. With Everest, you’ll have a personal, local team of experts who make communication and problem resolution easy, leaving you with one less headache.

“Using Everest’s website maintenance retainer package has made managing and updating our website very simple; they have a strong knowledge base and are experts at web management and development. We have worked with Everest for years, and the team is easy to work with and quick to take action or suggest alternate ways to solve problems when needed.”
-Sarah Smith, Stromasys

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  1. How do I get in touch with my Everest team if I need help?
    Through our secure support portal where you can submit maintenance requests.
  2. Does my website need to be hosted with Everest Agency in order to get Support and Maintenance?
    No, its not necessary to host with us to get support, but it’s recommended. If you host with us, we will already be very familiar with your website, its structure, and features, which can greatly reduce turnaround time on any issues.
  3. If I have a critical issue during non-business hours, are you available?
    Our support hours are from 9am – 5pm, Monday – Friday.

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