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Professional-quality video production that tells your story.

Capturing the attention of your audience is something many business owners struggle with. Often, conventional business marketing strategies – mail drops, email blasts, brochures – end up quickly discarded, and leave your marketing budget spent.

Video Production & Design from Everest Agency offers a modern take on marketing that quickly and effectively tells the story of your business. Videos are an excellent medium to engage your customers, capturing their attention long enough to leave a positive, lasting impression of who you are and what you offer.

  1. Professional: While most anyone can shoot and edit a video in modern times, Everest Agency will ensure your video production is several steps above the rest, reflecting the high quality of both your company and products.
  2. Partnership: We will work together to plan the video script, format, and filming sessions – your style and your business are the highlights of Video Production.
  3. Impactful: High-quality productions leave a lasting, positive impression on customers. Consumers are more likely to both remember and purchase your products after viewing a video.

No matter your industry, your business can benefit from Video Production. Customers are 64% more likely to purchase a product with a video showcase, but the benefits are not limited to retailers.

If you provide business to business services, it is helpful to note that 65% of senior executives who view a video click through to your site. For your marketing efforts, an explainer video can improve the click-through rates of your email blasts by 200-300%.

Consider what those metric improvements could mean for the success of your business.

“We couldn’t be happier with the results that we have received from Everest Agency. Our new Prospective Student section will offer an immersive window into the world of computer science…one that we feel is truly leading edge in its design and approach in helping students become more aware of the socially relevant career options available to them.”

-Ken Tate, NC State Computer Science Department

Let’s tell your story. Contact us today to get started.


  1. When would I want to use video to promote my business?
    Video is perfect for outreach and engagement of customers. Often businesses will use it as a format to answer customer questions, provide information, build excitement for an event or product, or just miscellaneous content that customers will share.Video is also a great format for product demos. Whether you have physical products that you want to show in action, or software with features you want to highlight, videos are often more appealing to your customers than blog posts – although many choose to produce both and release them together so customers can choose their preference.
  2. What length of video can Everest Agency produce?
    We can produce any length of video, however we do have recommendations on maximum length depending on the purpose, audience etc.
  3. What does Everest Agency provide / bring to the filming?
    Everest Agency provides art direction both in terms of script and camera shot. Everest Agency understands that the video will need to tie to the broader company story and fit the website and branding that currently exists.


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