Take your client education to the next level – Video Case Studies

The idea behind the new prospective students section of the Computer Science website is to tell the story of program alumni and how they are using their Computer Science education in the real world.

Our challenge was to communicate that Computer Science is more than code on a computer screen, but has a part in saving lives, entertainment, cleaning our environment and much more. It was important to tell these stories in a way that connects to their target audience, breaking down the stereotypes and barriers that may be driving prospective students to other areas of study. The stories are communicated through video, photographs and articles and presented in a compelling and creative way as the hub of the new prospective students section of the website.

The stories did not stop at just the video case studies, but extended to the rest of the website design. A key element was developing a clear conversion strategy leading a student to contact the program by a number of means, including signing up for a wolfpaw account, mailing list subscription, or direct contact to the computer science office.

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