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Everest Agency Announces NC Vision Zero Website Launch

Everest Agency Announces NC Vision Zero Website Launch October 4, 2016 (Raleigh, NC) This week, Everest Agency announced NC Vision Zero’s website launch release. NC Vision Zero is a North Carolina program with a goal to reduce and eliminate roadway fatalities with the use of data to predict and prevent future accidents. NC Vision Zero […]

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Content Focused Design

Keep It Simple Less is more when it comes to web design: white space, logos and content are all you need to create an attractive, streamlined design. Apple has run the skeumorphism train into the ground and a more minimal approach is now the trend. A shift towards authentically digital designs was championed by Windows 8, […]

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Responsive Web Design

One Site for Every Screen Do you know how your company’s website shows up on smart phones and tablets? If you are not certain, pick up your phone and load the site in your web browser. Then ask yourself: is the appearance less than stellar? If so, it is time for you to consider a valuable […]

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3 Levels of Mobile Compatibility

Mobile accessibility of online content is paramount. With the increasing popularity of tablet devices and smart phones, the mobile browsing market share is on a swiftly upward trend. In order to create a site that will be sustainable, it is important to optimize content for mobile viewing. There are different options available to you when […]

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4 Questions to ask before you begin your web design project

Are you getting ready to redesign your website?  There is a lot to think about, but here are 4 questions to get you started… 1) What is my message? A key component of any website is compelling messaging that engages a potential user with a high level view of who your company is and what it […]

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