Responsive Web Design

One Site for Every Screen

Do you know how your company’s website shows up on smart phones and tablets? If you are not certain, pick up your phone and load the site in your web browser. Then ask yourself: is the appearance less than stellar? If so, it is time for you to consider a valuable solution: responsive web design.

Mobile traffic is predicted to surpass desktop traffic in 2015, so it is crucial to be confident that you have an ideal mobile experience on your site for visitors. Responsive designs adapt to the viewers’ screens and optimize the display when browsing on smart phones, tablets, desktops and even larger screens.

One URL, one set of content, and one code, give you a responsive layout with flexible images and fluid grids that scale from handheld device displays to large computer displays. Simply put: one site for every screen.

This short demo shows how Empire Prototype’s website adapts to any screen size. The layout flows and images scale for optimal viewing depending on the screen size of a device.


  • Improves visitor experience
  • Saves time and money by streamlining the design
  • Makes your site content more accessible to customers/users

Everest Agency can help you create a responsive website from scratch, or adapt your current website. Contact us at (919) 825-1301 for more information, and to learn about our other expertise in web design, graphic design and online marketing.

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