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A Critical Step in SEM: Keyword Research

A Critical Step in SEM: Keyword Research Whether your business’ search engine marketing (SEM) goals are to increase your organic search or paid search, knowing what phrases people are putting in search engines to find you is a critical piece of the puzzle. These search phrases are known as keywords. So if a customer finds your […]

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If you make a website, but nobody views it, what’s the point? What good is your website if your market is unable find it on Google? Simply launching a website does not establish an online presence. There are methods and practices that must be in place to encourage search engines to prominently display your site. Securing a good search […]

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Search Engine Optimization = Writing for Humans.

High ranking by search engines is key in most, if not all, online marketing strategies, but with the latest Google updates, it has become harder to fool their algorithms. Google has increased emphasis on content written by humans for humans. Remember, its Google’s job to get the best, most relevant content out to the web […]

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