4 Questions to ask before you begin your web design project

Are you getting ready to redesign your website?  There is a lot to think about, but here are 4 questions to get you started…

1) What is my message?

A key component of any website is compelling messaging that engages a potential user with a high level view of who your company is and what it does. A website’s job is to be an expressive frame for your message, giving the content its maximum impact.

2) What images convey my message?

Where do you plan on getting the images for your site? Do you have a high quality product you need to showcase? Do you have recent portraits of your staff members? A picture is worth a thousand words. Be sure the images you use on your site are relevant and showcase your brand’s personality.

3) What is my conversion strategy?

What role does the website play in the sales process? Does it support the activities of my sales team? Do you need it to drive new leads or welcome referrals? What information does a new visitor want before becoming your client? Your current web analytics are a good place to start is looking.

4) What level of mobile compatibility is appropriate?

What devices are being used to access my site? Where will they be interacting with my brand? Will they be sitting at a desk or on the move? How will you be driving your audience to your site? Through a trade show, a pay per click campaign, or social media? For more information on mobile compatibility, check out our earlier blog post on the three levels of mobile compatibility.

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