Take Your Client Education to the Next Level with Whitepapers

Whitepaper Design

A free, downloadable pamphlet is a great way to highlight your expertise and reinforce the brand that will be presented online.

A whitepaper is a mid-length document that displays to clients and visitors that you are an authority on a particular subject. Typically, whitepapers are very detailed and thoroughly researched, providing the reader a wealth of information. (To delve more deeply into exactly what a whitepaper is, this article is a good resource.)

Providing pertinent, quality free material to your target audience will strengthen your credibility, and prove your expertise to your audience. This type of marketing is particularly important for healthcare, as will make strides to initiate the personal doctor-patient relationship, and is a field where patients need to be reassured that you are a trustworthy service provider in a complicated industry.

For our client, Aging Family Services, it is often the adult children who are making the decisions for their aging parents. We created a whitepaper that serves as an aid to the adult child, guiding them through the process of talking to their aging parent. 

Whitepaper Design

When it comes to conveying information that is too long for a blog post, but too short for an ebook, whitepapers are a great option. Similarly, they can be used in print if you have more information than a brochure or flyer can hold, but you still want something clients can take home with them.

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