Communicating to a luxury market

When communicating in a luxury market, high quality presentation is of utmost importance.

Success in the luxury market hinges on creating a story and meaning behind all of your communications, weaving each message together into an overall narrative for your website. For this clientele, the little details matter, and often less can be more.

Marketing for luxury market
Here we embody the “less is more” principle when it comes to marketing for luxury markets. Note the differences between the websites of Nissan – generally more of an economy brand – with Tesla – a high-tech, luxury brand.


When designing for this target market, think about how the website will function. What story is it going to tell? How will all forms of communication fit seamlessly together? The end product should be effortless, an extra level of customer service and design. The prospective client should clearly see the difference between the high end product and the average. Remember, design is often the only differentiating factor a client can see.

High-End Marketing
Another example of an economy brand’s website vs. a high-end brand. Note that economy products tend to sell the product itself, while luxury brands sell stories, emotions, and an ideal.

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