GoodBookey’s mission is to raise funds and awareness for impactful non-profits by simulating peer to peer gambling on popular national and collegiate sports events. GoodBookey needed a mobile application and website that was modern, beautiful and mobile to serve their users and marketing efforts.

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SalesPro Connect is a recruiting agency that specializes in connecting sales talent for company clients. New sales talent go through the “Sales Tag” interview process to collect their information for recruiters. SalesPro Connect wanted an application that would automatically generate their answers in a beautiful, easy-to-read format.

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KPIT provides IT and engineering solutions for energy, manufacturing, and automotive industries. They wanted a sleek internal website to help their sales teams close deals. The portal houses tools, case studies, sales sheets and points of contact within the organization that are subject matter experts

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Empire Prototype

Empire Prototype is a leader in the prototype industry with a number of high-profile clients. Working with companies such as Hasbro, Disney, and Nickelodeon, Empire needed to stay up-to-date with a modern website. As well, they wanted a custom quoting application that would allow potential clients to quickly see quotes for their projects.

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Minitour Mentor

Minitour Mentor is a new social media platform exclusively for golfers. This platform gives vital tools to young and minitour golfers that don’t exist anywhere else, including a minitour calendar, profile pages, mentor forum, and ways to connect with various golf teams throughout the country.

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